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Advanced Tuition

What do you want need to know?

General Handling

Learn to fly manually and altitudes with precision whilst maintaining air speed by hand.

Basic autopilot set up and control

Learn how to set up the autopilot, change heading and altitudes, also set and change auto throttle speed.

Engine start procedures

Either from cold and dark, or from the APU. This covers most operational procedures from the overhead panel, covering hydraulics, de-icing, fuel management and the bleed air system.

FMC Set up and operations

Learn to programme the FMC for a route of your choice, and apply this to the autopilot LNAV and VNAV.

Full instrument approach and land

Set the aircraft up for a manual ILS approach down to minimas. This can also be set up for a full auto land, which is interesting to see but no where near as much fun as hands on.


If you want to try your hand at an NDB let down, VOR approach or an IGS approach we will provide all the appropriate charts, plates and briefings.

Night flying

Try your hand at circuits or night time route and take in the views

*All these options are tailored to suit your requirements and will be discussed in full during your pre flight briefing.