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Challenging landings and flights

Kai Tak – Hong Kong

This is one of the popular approaches, closed in 1998, this airport had its fair share of incidents. With strong cross winds, it took high levels of skill to get down in one piece.  You start off from the new Hong Kong airport ’VHHH’ heading directly to Kai Tak skimming the sky scrapers with a sharp right turn at the famous chequer board to bring you onto the runway.


Paro, Bhutan

Said to be one of the hardest airports to operate out of due to its high altitude and surrounding mountain peaks up to 18,000ft. Very few pilots are qualified to land here. You will have to weave the aircraft round the mountains, nearly clipping roofs of houses on the mountain side. A quick turn at short finals will bring you onto the runway.

Geneva to Sion, Switzerland

Take off from Geneva then head off along Lake Geneva turn right for a visual flight through the snow covered valleys. Arriving at Sion you will need to keep your speed and altitude right for a sharp turn on short finals for a very short runway.

St Maarten, Princess Juliana International

The airport is perhaps best known for very low-altitude flyover approaches due to one end of its runway being extremely close to the shore and Maho Beach.

Gibraltar International Airport

The main road heading towards the land border with Spain intersects the airport runway and consequently has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs.

Eagle Vale, Colorado

Consistently regarded among the top ten treacherous runway landings, this largely seasonal runway is operated throughout the winter months to accommodate the skiing season.

Wellington International, New Zealand

The length of the runway has limited the size of aircraft that can use the airport on a commercial basis making this landing tricky.

Toncontin, Honduras

The History Channel program Most Extreme Airports ranks it as the second most dangerous airport in the world. Even with its recent runway extension, Toncontin’s runway is still significantly shorter than most international airports making the approach and landing very difficult.

Innsbruck, Austria

Used primarily throughout the winter seasons to accommodate the skiing season, this airport is icy and therefore is a tricky landing.

Flights and Experiences

Visual flight around London

Another favourite is to take off from Heathrow, Gatwick or Luton for a visual flight around the City of London, taking in the local landmarks finally trying your had landing in at London City Airport. The runway is just long enough, so again the correct approach speed is of the essence, get it wrong and you will be off the end in the water. Getting it right will put a smile on your face.

Fear Of Flying Sessions

Fear Of Flying Sessions

We can offer a one hour experience to help those with a fear of flying.  We will show you all the procedures the pilots go through in the name of safety. Many find that it is the unknown, of what goes on in the cockpit and unexplained noises, that leads to their fear. We will go over a full flight from engine start to shut down explaining what goes on and why its done. This usually generates many questions, which we will endeavour to answer as we go along. Many find that just knowing whats going on up front calms their fears.