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The Simulator

Fly A Flight

Fly A Flight operates a professional B737-800 fixed base flight simulator in Leighton Buzzard.

It can be used to train those that strive to be professional pilots, as well as for-fill the enthusiast’s need’s, inspire children, entertain family’s & groups of all ages.

The simulator uses the latest simulator and computer technology, ensuring every system and control works as closely as possible to the real aircraft, making the flight experience accurate to a real world airliner & airline pilot.

The simulator

All the fuel, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, APU, bleed air, oxygen / pressurization, lights systems and panels are fully functional. They work as they would in the real aircraft.

The aircraft systems are fully operational allowing a complete cold and dark start up to be performed as well as non-normal procedures practiced.

This provides an ideal training environment for post- and pre-ATPL/CPL & MCC students to practice cockpit procedures, as well as offering enhanced realism for the enthusiast.

The flight management computer (FMC) and autopilot logic allows pilots to fly programmed routes using lateral navigation (LNAV) & vertical navigation (VNAV) right from initial standard instrument departure (SID) to standard terminal arrival (STAR) and then execute auto approaches down the glide slope to the threshold using the instrument landing system (ILS) .

This allows complete, fully simulated airline operational procedure as well as allowing instrument flight rules (IFR) procedures, including Non Precision approaches, offset approaches, ILS approaches, holds and much more to be carried out.

The navigation, communications, automatic direction finder (ADF) and transponder radio panel are also fully simulated.

The throttle quadrant is fully motorised with motorised trim wheels, spoiler deployment and moving throttle levers when auto throttle (a/t) is engaged.

The seats were imported from the USA and came from a decommissioned Boeing 737.

Everything has been taken into consideration from stunning visual graphics you see out of the window, to how the throttles and yokes feel both on the ground and in the air, as well as the motorised seats so you can feel the bumps as your nose wheel goes over the center line taxi way and runway lights.

The control forces you feel are closely recreated and tested by real life 737 pilots to ensure the ultimate realistic feel of the aircraft.

The surround sound system actually allows you to “feel” the aircraft in each phase of flight.

You can virtually set any type of real life situation at any airport in the world, with any weather condition fully simulated at any time of day or night.


HEIGHT AND WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS APPLY. This is not suitable for anyone under the age of 10,  shorter than 4ft, heavier than 22 stone or a lower body circumference greater than 48 inches.